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Building materials include all materials produced in Turkey, regardless of their types or shapes.

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Construction Material

Turkey has evolved in the field of construction, especially in its last decade, Turkey relies on local made materials that distinguishes Turkey such as cement, concrete, steel, wood, and glass. Turkish building materials are famous for their high quality and durability, and are widely used in construction projects in Turkey and other countries around the world. Turkish manufacturers of building materials are working to meet the market needs with the highest quality and safety standards, using the latest technologies for the production of their products. In addition to traditional building materials, Turkey is also a leading producer of innovative and sustainable building materials, such as recycled steel and environmentally friendly concrete.


The Turkish elevator industry, known for its innovative designs and technological advancements, had a revenue of around $3 billion in 2020. Employing approximately 35,000 people, the industry operates in 81 provinces across 7 regions and has a strong global presence, offering top-quality products and services. To successfully export elevators from Turkey, Turkish companies must deal with many different factors and challenges, such as different laws and regulations governing the export of elevators and the factors necessary to coordinate and deliver elevators to their destination in a timely manner. That’s why at Pure- saf we work hard and deal with all these factors carefully and accurately to achieve successful export operations.

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